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As an institution with a profound commitment to the liberal arts, teaching is the lifeblood of New York University Abu Dhabi. I have taught a variety of courses across the Philosophy Program and the interdisciplinary Core Curriculum, including the following:

Advanced Logic

Central Problems of Philosophy

Fear of Knowledge: Truth, Justification, and Cultural Relativism

Introduction to Logic

Philosophical Foundations of Space, Time, and Motion

Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics

Philosophy of Science


Humanity and the Cosmos (co-taught with Matt Kleban, NYU NY Physics)

Progress in Science: Kuhn and the History of Science

The Galilean Revolution: Mathematics, Religion, and the Emergence of Modern Science



Graduate and undergraduate courses taught at previous institutions, prior to moving to the UAE, including the following:



Metaphysical Foundations of Space-Time Physics

Metaphysics of Causation

Modal Logic

Philosophy of Biology

Scientific Realism


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